'A Thousand Cuts' from Elizabeth Ballou is Coming Soon

About 'A Thousand Cuts'


A Thousand Cuts is an award-winning game from Elizabeth Ballou. It is a winning game from the 13th Annual Live.Love. Game Design Challenge presented by Jennifer Ann's GroupĀ®. The theme for the 2020 game design challenge was CULTURE. Game designers were challenged to create a non-violent video game which examined the role of one's culture on attitudes and beliefs regarding dating relationships.

A Thousand Cuts examines campus culture and its impact on a group of university students who are going through the Title IX process after an on-campus sexual assault. The game has been praised for its "great story" and "excellent writing" with one judge admitting: "This was an emotional ride, and I got a little nervous during parts of it ..."

Artist's Statement

A Thousand Cuts is a game about finding justice for on-campus sexual assault. When two students realize they've been assaulted by the same person, they connect over text messages. As Rosa, pick and choose your responses to a cast of characters who each play a role in holding Duane accountable - or not.

I started working on this game in a very different form in my first year of grad school, in 2018. It's grown slowly since then, but I was starting to worry that I'd never finish it in my spare time. Being chosen as a finalist for the 2020 Life.Love. Game Design challenge was the kick in the pants I needed to build an entire branch of the game (with the help of Rowan Wood, who rewrote my nonsense code, and Tea-Powered Games/Alina Constantin, who provided UI design prototypes and art). There are still two more storylines I want to implement, but I am incredibly grateful to Jennifer Ann's Group for believing in the concept behind A Thousand Cuts.

Campus sexual assault is far more complex than it's often made out to be in headlines. The intersection of Title IX stipulations, the legal system, and a school's interest in protecting itself all make for a justice process that's shrouded in secrecy and hesitation. My hope is that my game might place players within this process, so that players understand the individuals caught in the center of it.
- Elizabeth Ballou, Creator of 'A Thousand Cuts'

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